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Welcome to Gadsden Artisan Mill

We combine naturally grown tobacco with naturally produced essential oils to provide a pleasing and pleasant experience to those wishing to use Nasal Snuff.


We produce our own tinctures, essential oils and flavorings to provide the best and because of so, complex flavor bills.


We use new age technology, but old age practices to make small batches of snuff, then proceede to hand pack and age the snuff until it's perfect maturity.




Our signature series is the Sherlock Series. All varieties within this genre are made to resemble the short stories they are tied to. Our most requested snuff is the Holmes' Office.


If you don't use tobacco, we don't suggest starting, if however you are a user, and are of age - snuff is a great harm reduction method of enjoying the leaf.

This is an informational site, a hobbyist home, not a commercial site.


The reason behind our Artisan Snuff


Our one-of-a-kind creations. Made by hand, with all naturally sourced oils of the purist variety.

Memorial to a True Chef
        Our Batch Menu


Artisan Mill


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